The Center for CyberSecurity at UCSB

The Internet has become an essential part of the everyday life of billions of people.
People of all ages and education levels use the Internet to work, share data and documents, manage their finances, connect with friends and family, and access news and entertainment.
In addition, the Internet has become part of the critical infrastructure, as the power grid, air traffic control systems, and financial networks are controlled and managed using Internet-based services.

The critical nature of the Internet and the value of the information stored in its nodes have made the Internet the target of sophisticated attacks, both large-scale and highly-focused, whose goal is to disrupt services or gain unauthorized access to sensitive information, for monetary gain or strategic advantage.

The abysmal state of the security of the Internet is the result of an infrastructure based on old and insecure protocols, on top of which new applications riddled with thousands of security bugs are deployed every day. Therefore, there is the need for novel research whose goal is to study in a scientific, rigorous way the security issues of the current Internet, and provide suitable solutions that can be widely deployed to make the Internet a safer place.

The Center for CyberSecurity is a concentrator of the current research on network and computer security being performed within the Department of Computer Science. The Security Group of the Department of Computer Science is already established as one of the world’s top research groups in the security field. The Center expands the scope and composition of this initial core to address a wide set of issues from hardware to software, from hosts to network, from infrastructure components to operating systems and applications.

The Center fosters coordinated activities among its members, and provides a reference for resources, contacts, and relationships with funding agencies and other research groups in the security field, world-wide.

In addition, the center supports the dissemination of the research developed by its members, the transition of security tools and techniques to the commercial world, and interaction with industry.

The Center also focuses on improving the educational activities in computer security currently offered by the Department of Computer Science. The Center fosters the creation of an integrated security education effort to synchronize educational components that are taught in different graduate courses.
By doing this, graduate students within the College will be able to learn about security issues and how to approach the development of novel security techniques in an organic fashion that will address different fields in computer science and engineering.


One of the goals of the Center is to aggregate and focus the activities of the faculty members of the College of Engineering that pursue research in computer security.

The following faculty members are affiliated with the Center.


The Center’s headquarters are situated in Harold Frank Hall (Room 1107). The Center space will provide strategic support for Center-related activities, as well as space for visitors of the Center.

The facilities of the center, in terms of hardware and network access, are be hosted in the machine room of the Security Group (Room 2114). This location provides rack space and network connectivity to support the Center’s infrastructural needs.